In order to improve our websites, Daimler is using cookies and similar technologies like HTML5 storage or local shared objects (all cookies). This simplifies the navigation and eases its usability.

Cookies are smaller data which are stored on your device. These can be utilised to identify existing users. Only the cookies on your device will be identified. Personnel data could only be stored when you have agreed upfront or if technically necessary, e.g. to protect your login.

By using our website you agree automatically to the usage and storage of cookies on your device. Nevertheless you can use our website also without cookies. Most of the browsers accept cookies automatically. To prevent saving cookies on your device go to "settings" and choose "deactivate cookies". Also you can delete existing cookies on your device at any time. Please have a look at your browser or device manual. Here you will find further information to deactivate local shared objects. Not accepting cookies could lead to functional disability/ impairment of our offers.

We differ cookies as following:

Crucial Cookies (type 1)

These cookies are crucial to keep the websites and their functions working. Without these cookies the service of the website cannot be provided.

Functional cookies (type 2)

These cookies facilitate and improve the service of the websites incl. several functions. For example you can set different languages in the cookies.

cookie name description cookie type
OMNIplus_CSI These cookies manage the usage information; its necessary to provide the login codes and to support their functionalities. crucial cookies (type 1)
cookie-layer This cookie shows if the cookie layer is accepted or not in order not to show this cookie again. functional cookies (type 2)